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Pinki’s Palate on BBC | Vegan Sheera

Happy Diwali and Sal Mubarak to all who celebrated this week! I hope that this year brings you much love, joy, and happiness. For those who don’t know, I wanted to recap a little about Diwali, aka the Festival of Lights. It is celebrated by many Indian faiths including Jains, Hindus, and Sikhs. While each religion has their own perspective behind the occasion, they all share the common commemoration of the victory of light over darkness, spiritual prosperity, and the start of a new year. In Jainism, Diwali signifies the anniversary of Lord Mahavir’s attainment of moksh (liberation from the cycle of reincarnation). Apart from the colorful celebrations, Jains use this day to reflect on Lord Mahavir’s teachings of ahimsa (nonviolence), aparigrah (non-posessiveness), and anekantvaad (non-absolutism) through prayer, charity, meditation, and fasting. Growing up in the US, I still have so many special memories of celebrating this day—decorating our home with deevos (lamps), my mom teaching Diwali crafts in my elementary school class, creating rangoli designs, doing choreographed dances at the temple, dressing up in …

LIVE Webinar + Cooking Demo: TODAY!

It’s a 3-day weekend and I’ve got something AWESOME in store for your afternoon today… Pinki’s Palate will be LIVE today for a free cooking webinar on Compassionate Cooking with Pinki’s Palate <<< RSVP here and head to the Young Jains of America site for the live stream at 3 pm EST on May 27th, 2017! This webinar is for anyone interested in pursuing a healthy, compassionate lifestyle through a plant-based diet. We’ll cover simple cooking tips, how to shop healthy and stock a Jain kitchen, demo some easy recipes, and answer your questions! We look forward to seeing you there. In the meantime, here is a little trailer to get you excited about cooking Thanks for all of the support and please subscribe to my YouTube channel!

Almond Crusted Tofu with Roasted Red Pepper Fusilli

Almond Crusted Tofu with Roasted Red Pepper Fusilli Almond Crusted Tofu: Ingredients for Almond Crusted Tofu: 1 block extra-firm tofu 1 cup raw almonds ½ tsp salt ground black pepper, to taste ½ tsp paprika 1 tsp Italian seasoning 2 tsp soy sauce 1 tsp lemon juice ½ cup water olive oil oat flour, for dusting 2 tbsp flax meal + 4 tbsp water, mixed To make the Almond Crusted Tofu: Drain and press tofu. Slice extra firm tofu into 1/2 inch slices and then in half to form triangular pieces. Marinade tofu slices in a shallow dish with soy sauce, lemon juice, and water for 1 hour. Use a food processor to grind 1 cup of raw almonds into tiny crumbly, pieces. Fold in spices, seasonings, salt and freshly ground black pepper. Remove marinated tofu and dab off any excess marinade with a paper towel. Quickly dust in flour, dip in a dish of flax-meal water mixture, and coat with almond+salt+pepper crumbs. The flax-meal water mixture will help adhere the almond crust. Add each …

Winter ‘Bu Smoothie

Polar vortex is taking over much of the U.S., but here in Malibu, winter is feeling a bit like summer 😉 So whether you are stuck in the snow or have your toes in the sand, kick back with this refreshing, tropical Winter ‘Bu Smoothie. Here is the ‘Bu at dawn: Winter Mali(‘Bu) Smoothie  1 cup natural coconut water 1/2 cup frozen blueberries 1/2 ripe banana 1/2 cup frozen mango chunks 1 cup baby spinach 2 fresh/frozen slices of pineapple 1 tbs chia seeds wedge of lime mint to garnish ice Blend until smooth. Sip to soothe. The ‘Bu during the day: #thebluffs at dusk: #elmatador at sunset: #nofilter

NOGO (No Onion-No Garlic) Pesto!

There are some commonly non-Jain items that I absolutely love like pesto, salsa, and guacamole… All of the following almost always contain onion and/or garlic. So, here is the Jain way to make them without root vegetables, while keeping them just as tasty, if not more! For this post, lets start with Jain Pesto and the many uses of this absolutely delicious dip-spread-sauce creation. Jain Pesto: I love pesto on anything: spread on sandwiches, as a dip, with pasta or even in quesadillas! There are so many ways to customize pesto sauces to enhance different flavors. Some of my favorite greens to make pesto with are: Basil Kale Cilantro Parsley Arugula Kale+ Parsley Kale+Basil+Cilantro Arugula+Basil Create your own mix! Some of my favorite nuts to toss in are: Walnuts Almonds Pine Nuts Macadamia Nuts Marcona Almonds You can literally experiment around with these nuts and greens to make a pesto of your choice. The rest follows this traditional recipe: Jain Pesto: Ingredients: 3 cups of your favorite greens, either one type or a mix of a few- chopped …