It is important to find the best for your body. There are three simple rules I like to use when choosing a form of exercise:

  1. Is it safe for my body and my health status?
  2. Is it fun?
  3. Is it incorporating all aspects of the body for total body fitness?

The first rule is probably the most important. It is so important that you evaluate the safety of an exercise program before jumping in. This is especially important for those with previous injuries, and to prevent future injuries. Always consult your physician if you have concerns. Remember, fitness is not an overnight change. It takes time and effort with both diet and exercise. Rushing into a program without understanding risks to your body can be detrimental so ease into a new program, and listen to your body.

Rule two: If you are not enjoying it, pulling monotonous reps will get boring, and it is likely that you won’t stick to the routine. But at the same time, never rule out an exercise on the first day. Give it at least a week to see if it is something you start to enjoy. If not, ask yourself what it is that you are not liking. Is it the lack of community? Too tiring? Not motivating? Causing pain? Carefully evaluate these reasons before quitting on something new.

Number three: Specialize in not specializing. Every part of your body is important, so don’t neglect one for another. Overall strength requires total body fitness. You may follow a vertical method of training, functional fitness, or total body conditioning. Whatever it may be, make sure you hit all areas. Sometimes the reason we tend to neglect an area of exercise is because it is our weakness. Learn to identify these and turn your weaknesses into your strengths by incorporating them into your exercise program. You’ve been learning this since preschool days, remember–“Head, shoulders, knees, and toes!”

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