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Golden Vegan French Toast

Walking down the aisles of Whole Foods, I’ve noticed that so many products today are spiced up with some golden fairy dust: turmeric. You’ll find turmeric cereal, face masks, soap, popcorn, crackers, vitamins…and even toothpaste. We might as well say that turmeric is the new kale! Now, you’re probably thinking–isn’t turmeric a root? Yes, you’re right. Dried turmeric and dried ginger powder are two “root exceptions” in the Jain diet, which are permitted because they are used in small quantities, not as a flavor-enhancer, and primarily for health benefit. Turmeric is the superfood of ancient and modern-day India. Growing up, turmeric was a staple in the Indian food my mom made, and a first-line medication for any signs of sickness. With a sprinkle of turmeric, the aroma of curry fills the room. Sore throat? Take a shot of warm, salty water mixed with a heaping spoon of turmeric. While a not-so-tasty herbal concoction, it has consistently proved it’s miraculous healing power.  Now you can even find vegan turmeric vitamins to take daily! To note, it is important …

LIVE Webinar + Cooking Demo: TODAY!

It’s a 3-day weekend and I’ve got something AWESOME in store for your afternoon today… Pinki’s Palate will be LIVE today for a free cooking webinar on Compassionate Cooking with Pinki’s Palate <<< RSVP here and head to the Young Jains of America site for the live stream at 3 pm EST on May 27th, 2017! This webinar is for anyone interested in pursuing a healthy, compassionate lifestyle through a plant-based diet. We’ll cover simple cooking tips, how to shop healthy and stock a Jain kitchen, demo some easy recipes, and answer your questions! We look forward to seeing you there. In the meantime, here is a little trailer to get you excited about cooking Thanks for all of the support and please subscribe to my YouTube channel!

Winter Wellness

Wintertime sure is the season of sickness, whether you are in the snowy midwest or sunny California. The change in season sure accompanied by bugs and viruses, but the cold temperatures aren’t entirely to blame. The common cold rhinovirus is not caused by the cold. Rather, what we do when it gets cold is the cause. Chilly weather draws people indoors, building air is recycled, and viruses or bugs are circulated between people in close proximity–whether it is in the workplace, classroom, or gym. Essentially, we are all sneezing, sniffling, and coughing on each other through shared air or items. Not to fear! While it may seem impossible to avoid, there are so many ways to naturally boost your immunity– or if you’ve already come down with something, to ease the symptoms while you recover. Although no one cure kills off all strains of cold viruses, your best bet is to incorporate immunity boosting preventative methods to decrease your susceptibility to the cold. Let your body’s immune system serves as a front line defense against the nagging cold virus, …