Month: May 2017

Who wants a hot date? | Raw Vegan Superfood Energy Bites

Yeah, you read that right. A pretty incredible date, in fact. I mean, what else can provide you with calcium, zinc, iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, magnesium AND vitamins such as thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, folate, vitamin A and vitamin K? 😉 Dates are an amazing source of energy, natural sugar, and fiber! You know you want one, so… Don’t worry, it wont be a: Let me introduce you to a super easy way to prepare and make some incredible goodness out of your dates below! Dates are one of the most versatile and tasty staple ingredients to stock in your kitchen. You can eat them raw, filled with nut butter, soaked in water to create a sweet syrup, dipped in chocolate, or chopped in a salad…seriously, they are amazing in every way! Raw Vegan Superfood Energy Bites: Crunchy. Sweet. Nutty. Chewy. Protein-packed perfection. If you’re craving something sweet, give these guilt-free, superfood packed, protein energy bites. They ONLY take 5 minutes to make! Aaaand, they basically taste like raw cookie dough!  These could also make for a “healthy” twist on mithai (Indian sweet), which are …

Vegan Tofu Scramble & 5-minute Roasted Corn Salsa | Breakfast Burritos!

Happy Memorial Day! So maybe you’re sleeping in on your extra day off, or getting ready for a lunch picnic with friends. Here is a super easy, quick, and protein-packed recipe from the live webinar I did with Young Jains of America on Compassionate Cooking (video tutorial coming soon on my YouTube channel, so subscribe here!) that will help you kickstart your day: Vegan Tofu Scramble with Roasted Corn Salsa Prep Time: 10 minutes & Cooking Time: 20 minutes Servings: 4 Tofu Scramble: 1 8-oz block tofu, extra firm- drained and crumbled olive oil ½ green chili or jalapeno ½ red/yellow/green bell pepper, sliced thin 2 cups greens (kale or spinach) ½ cup black beans 1 small zucchini chopped 2 stalks chopped celery A handful of cherry tomatoes, sliced in half ½ cup chopped cilantro (or parsley if you don’t like cilantro) Juice of 1/2 a lemon Hot sauce (Choluda and Tabasco are Jain-friendly!) Spice Paste ½ tsp cumin ½ tsp paprika ½ tsp turmeric ½ tsp sea salt Dash of Asafoetida powder (Hing) ~3 tbsp water to make sauce Sliced …

LIVE Webinar + Cooking Demo: TODAY!

It’s a 3-day weekend and I’ve got something AWESOME in store for your afternoon today… Pinki’s Palate will be LIVE today for a free cooking webinar on Compassionate Cooking with Pinki’s Palate <<< RSVP here and head to the Young Jains of America site for the live stream at 3 pm EST on May 27th, 2017! This webinar is for anyone interested in pursuing a healthy, compassionate lifestyle through a plant-based diet. We’ll cover simple cooking tips, how to shop healthy and stock a Jain kitchen, demo some easy recipes, and answer your questions! We look forward to seeing you there. In the meantime, here is a little trailer to get you excited about cooking Thanks for all of the support and please subscribe to my YouTube channel!